These sculpted stone squares, in the lapidary section of Blois Castle, are both symbolic of François Ier, King of France from 1515 to 1547. The first shows his initial, F, surrounded by a monk’s cord with three knots forming an 8, which was the emblem of his mother, Louise de Savvoie. The second is the traditional salamander.

Ces carrés sculptés, qui se trouvent dans la section lapidaire du château de Blois, sont des symboles de François Ier, roi de France entre 1515 et 1547. The premier est son initial, F, entouré d’ une corde de moine à trois noeuds en 8. Ce noeud était l’emblème de Louise de Savoie, mère de François Ier. Le deuxième est son salamandre traditionnel.

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  1. Jim

    This is a fascinating post. It makes me want to go out and learn more.

  2. avril Post author

    @Stuart – And all knotted up!
    @Lauren @ Jim – I am always a little hesitant about too much history but I think it’s fascinating
    @vallidolidailyphoto @ daryl @ hilda @ william – thank you, glad you like it

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