montgolfiereI love hot air balloons even though I’ve never gone up in one. This photo was taken from the bike path behind Chenonceau.

J’adore les mongolfières même si je ne suis jamais montées dedans. Cette photo est prise depuis la piste cyclable derrière Chenonceau.

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6 comments on “The Air Balloons are Back! – Les mongolfières sont de retour!

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, it’s probably still a bit cold in your part of the world. This photo was actually taken last May.

  1. Stuart

    What great timing ! This is a wonderful shot with the reflection and that beautiful sky.

    1. avril Post author

      We watched it take off from the water. I actually have a little film. It was one of those perfect days and the fact that it was late afternoon meant that the sun was in the right place. They’re surprisingly noisy.

      1. Stuart

        I know that noise well. We have been awakened quite a few times by them blasting away low over our house. They often launch by the river nearby.

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