photo_145_pigeon-houseNow I bet you’re thinking that the title is a mistake. Well, it isnt. We were taking a stroll in the twilight and saw this beautifully restored pigeon house behind a wrought-iron gate. To get a better photo, I slid my iPhone behind the bars and – you guessed it – it somehow slipped out of my hands. There was no one home so Jean Michel came to the rescue by climbing over the gate and retrieving it but the glass is well and truly broken.

Je parie que vous pensez que je me suis trompé de titre. Eh bien, non. Lors d’une promenade au crépuscule nous avons vu ce beau pigeonnier bien restauré derrière un portail. Pour mieux le photographier, j’ai glissé mon iPhone derrière les barres et – vous avez bien compris – j’ai lâché prise. Il n’y avait personne alors Jean Michel m’a porté secours en escaladant le portail pour le reprendre. Malheureusement le verre est complètement cassé.


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7 comments on “The Broken iPhone – L’iPhone cassé

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, it seemed a large price to pay for a pic. Fortunately my phone insurance is going to cough up.

    1. avril Post author

      I’ll have to be more careful next time!

    1. avril Post author

      Fortunately, my insurance is covering it. Orange is useful for once.

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