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Bread Day in Les Grouets – Fête du Pain aux Grouets

photo_144_fete_pain_grouetsThe fête du pain or bread festival takes places in France every year on the feast of Saint Honoré, patron saint of bakers.  Norbert Gourget, who has his own bread oven in our neighbourhood, Les Grouets, turns into a baker once a year for the local association Les Amis des Grouets to bake bread, brioche and pizzas.
La fête du pain a lieu une fois par an en France le jour de la saint Honoré, saint patron des boulangers. Norbert Gourget, qui a son propre four à pain dans notre quartier, Les Grouets, devient boulanger une fois par an pour l’association du quartier, les Amis des Grouets, pour cuire du pain, de la brioche et des pizzas.

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I continue to be amazed at bakers who can make bread stuffs in a wood fired oven. We have our fancy electric oven with temperature settings and a timer but still find it difficult to bake things just right. Maybe when we start baking every day for many years, that will change !

I cheat and use a breadmaker. The bread was cooked earlier and they had to stoke it up for the pizzas. We bought a brioche that was just perfect but quite a few of them had a “coup de feu”!

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