This rare dovecote with its spiral ladder inside is just next to the 16th century Château de Villesavin.

 Ce rare colombier à pied à échelle tournante se trouve à côté du château de Villesavin qui date du 16ème siècle.


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4 comments on “Dovecote in Villesavin – Colombier à Villesavin

  1. Susan Walter

    Am I right in thinking that the ladder doesn’t exactly spiral, but is on runners that allow the user to move it around the circumference of the tower? I’ve never seen a dovecote with the ladder still in place, but I always assumed they worked liked library ladders and could be slid into the convenient position.

  2. Stuart

    What a massive wooden roof structure it has. I love these things. I suppose one can spiral around the inside by climbing the ladder and rotating the whole mechanism.

  3. avril Post author

    @ William: I quite agree!
    @ Susan. I have to be honest and say that despite spending some time on the net looking for more information, none was forthcoming. I’ll just have to go back some time and ask.
    @ Stuart. See my answer to Susan. Fortunately it’s on one of our cycling routes so I should be able to get more information, perhaps in August.

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