Chenonceau is a ladies’ castle, built in 1513 by Katherine Briçonnet, decorated by Diane de Poitiers, extended by Catherine de Médicis, saved by Louise Dupin during the French Revolution and improved by Marguerite Wilson Pelouze in the 19th century! The water looks so inviting.

Chenonceau est un château de dames par excellence : construit en 1513 par Katherine Briçonnet, décoré par Diane de Poitiers, élargi par Catherine de Médicis, sauvé par Louise Dupin pendant la révolution et rénové par Marguerite Wilson Pelouze au 19ème siècle ! L’eau donne bien envie d’être là.

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7 comments on “On the Water at Chenonceau – Sur l’eau à Chenonceau

  1. Anda

    I loved this castle, Rosemary, and it was probably the only sunny day we had on Loire Valley. Your post brings back good memories …

    1. avril Post author

      You really didn’t have much luck with the weather, did you?

  2. Stuart

    I would love to cruise underneath and get a new angle on this beautiful place.

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