I’ve been looking for connections between Blois and Germany since we arrived here three weeks ago on our cycling holiday. Imagine my delight when I discovered, quite by accident, that Blois’ very own Denis Papin, the inventor, built a steam-pump powered paddlewheel boat, probably pedal-driven in 1704, and as a demonstration, used his steam paddlewheeler to navigate down the Fulda River from Kassel to Hann. Münden in 1707.

Je cherche des liens entre Blois et l’Allemagne depuis que nous sommes arrivés il y a trois semaines faire du vélo sur différentes rivières et fleuves. Imaginez ma surprise lorsque j’ai découvert, tout à fait par hasard, que Denis Papin l’inventeur et enfant de Blois, a construit un bateau à aubes entraîné par une machine à vapeur en 1704 et pour en faire la démonstration, a descendu la Fulda entre Kassel et Hann. Münden en 1707.


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6 comments on “Postcard from Germany: Denis Papin in Hann Münden

  1. Susan Walter

    Yay for Denis. I was reading about him a couple of months ago. He really got shafted by the Royal Society. That’s why no anglos know who he is.

    1. avril Post author

      We’re wondering if there is a Huguenot connection since this area welcomed a lot of Huguenots, particularly Bad Karlshafe (see next post on Aussie in France). I’m going to find a biography when we get back.

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