My friend Stuart from Amboise Daily Photo has often published photos of highwater markers. These steps are on the Vienne side of the Loire in Blois. They start at 2 metres and end at 7 metres.

Mon ami Stuart de Amboise Daily Photo publie souvent des photos des indicateurs de crue. Cet escalier se trouve sur le côté Vienne de la Loire à Blois. L’échelle va de 2 mètres à 7 mètres.

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3 comments on “Highwater Steps – Escalier de crues

  1. avril Post author

    Ha, ha! It would certainly help to achieve the recommended 10,000 steps.

  2. stuart

    Thanks for the reference to ADP. Have you seen the water level up to them yet? In three years, I think I’ve only seen once the water high enough in Amboise to register on the scale there. That was enough !
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