Had I been smart enough, I would have used this photo for the camera-shy self-portrait theme yesterday. In France, April Fool’s Day is called “poisson d’avril” It consists of sticking a paper fish on someone’s back and seeing how long they go without realising it is there.  Once the fish is discovered you shout “Poisson d’avril”. Since my married name is Avril, it would have been a good self-portrait

Si j’avais été astucieuse j’aurais utilisé cette photo hier pour le thème d’auto-portrait de quelqu’un qui n’aime pas qu’on prenne sa photo car mon nom is femme mariée est Avril. J’aurais pu dire “poisson d’avril” !

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4 comments on “April Fish Day – Poisson d’avril

  1. avril Post author

    @William: Yes, more original!
    @Stuart: I bet you have!

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