I was in the middle of Blois at afternoon tea time time. The cakes at Stéphane Buret’s Salon de Thé looked very temptant – but I resisted!

Je me suis trouvée au cente ville de Blois à l’heure du thé aujourd’hui. Les gâteaux chez Stéphane Buret étaient bien tentants mais j’ai résisté

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5 comments on “Tea-time in Blois – L’heure du thé à Blois

  1. Roslyn

    You are very strong! My mouth is watering just thinking about the delights inside!

    1. avril Post author

      It was an intermittent fast day or I might have succumbed!

  2. Susan Walter

    You’ve had an attack of franglais — ‘tempting’ is the word you were looking for I believe 🙂 Too much gadding about — resisting the cakes obviously was too much for your tired system!

  3. avril Post author

    @William – Ah, ha!
    @Susan – Oh dear, And I quite agree – too much gadding about!

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