ldp_252_baby_carriageWe found this (but didn’t buy it) at the monthly flea market in Blois which is held every second Sunday of the month.

Nous l’avons trouvé (sans l’acheter) à la foire à la brocante mensuelle de Blois qui a lieu le deuxième dimanche du mois.

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5 comments on “The Pusher-Puller – La poussette-tirette

  1. Susan Walter

    Errr…any idea what it’s for? It doesn’t look homemade. Was it child sized? It’s got quite hefty wheels if it’s just a stroller type thing for a child, and the whole thing must weigh a bit. Also you couldn’t safely put a small child in it, and why would you put a larger child in it — they’ve got legs and can walk.

  2. avril Post author

    @William – the leather (or whatever) doesn’t look too bad.
    @Susan – No, I don’t think it’s home-made – it seems to have a manufacturer’s plate; It might have been a disabled child, but I am always surprised at how old some children in push chairs are!

  3. Lesley

    Perhaps it connected to a matching tractor and carried one of the family to market- and back.

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