02_brico_depotOur outiings at the moment are not very exciting – tonight we went to buy cable conduits and rebars. It was very eerie and golden among the sand bags though.

Nos sorties en ce moment ne sont guère intéressants : ce soir nous sommes allés acheter des gaines électriques et des fers à béton. L’ambiance parmi les sacs de sables était mystérieux avec une jolie lumière dorée..

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3 comments on “Bathed in Gold – Baigné par la lumière dorée

  1. Susan Walter

    My office in London looked towards the west and for ages there was a crane in the distance that would get lit up at sunset so it was gilded. Gorgeous!

  2. avril Post author

    @William – They use sand here for icy roads.
    @Susan – This photo is strange because the light didn’t seem as gold when I took the photo.

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