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Blue Doors and Windows – Fenêtres et portes bleues

03_blue_doors_windowsAs we haven’t had any sun for several days now, I thought these blue doors and windows might replace the blue sky.
Comme nous n’avons pas vu de soleil depuis plusieurs jours, j’ai pensé que ces portes et fenêtres bleues pourraient remplacer le ciel bleu.

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It looks as if they couldn’t get a match for later additions! The blue and green is so typical though and I love it for shutters and garden furniture

Colours are not always easy to match. I had memorised the green of our wrought iron gate to buy more paint when Jean Michel added some curlicues after the burglary. When we got home, I discovered it was quite different. What I didn’t know is that Jean Michel had cleaned it in the meantime and the colour was no longer the same :).

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