12_second_chanceSince no one guessed who yesterday’s hero is, I’m giving you a second chance! I see I might have to pay a visit to the inside of Comic House to see who they are :).

Puisque personne n’a deviné le héro d’hier je vous donne une deuxième chance ! Je pense que je serai peut-être obligé de franchir les portes de la Maison de la BD pour avoir une réponse :).

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6 comments on “Second Chance – Deuxième Chance

  1. Lesley

    The place’s web site does not help, but instead shows yet another ‘watery’ window decoration. These adult comics are very popular. As is what I would call ‘ colouring in books’.

  2. avril Post author

    Yes, I have another couple of photos :). I’m always amazed how seriously they take their adult comics. I don’t actually like the drawings very much. The first time someone proudly showed me his “BDthèque” I nearly fell over backwards!

    1. avril Post author

      I agree. I often find comic books drab :).

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