56_marche_pluvieuxIt was very rainy at the market yesterday and they were very few people and stalls. Today, it’s even worse and the messy March weather, called giboulées, has unfortunately begun.

Le marché de samedi était très pluvieux, avec très peu de monde. Aujourd’hui c’est encore pire et les giboulées de mars ont commencé.

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3 comments on “Rainy Market – Marché pluvieux

  1. Susan Walter

    Ta for the link! We had our first clients for the season over the weekend. We managed to keep them dry, but it was not very nice weather at all. Luckily they were perfect clients who understood that we couldn’t do much about the weather and they were very flexible (and had some great rainproof overshoes which I had never seen before).

  2. William Kendall

    It definitely looks wet and disagreeable.

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