293_royal_doorConsidering that François Ier , the owner and perhaps the design of Château de Chambord was born in 1494 and died in 1547, this door with his emblem, the salamander, must be about 500 years old.

Etant donné que François 1er, le propriétaire et peut-être le concepteur du château de Chambord est né en 1494 et mort en 1547, cette porte qui porte son emblème, le salamandre, doit avoir enviorn 500 ans.

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7 comments on “A Royal Door – Une porte royale

    1. avril Post author

      And how many kings and queens among them?

  1. Susan Walter

    I especially love how the salamander looks as though its had something for dinner that disagreed with it.

    1. Lesley

      I hesitate to say that it looked to me as if it had just sneezed.

      1. avril Post author

        A sneezing salamander! I am still waiting to see a real salamander. No luck yet.

    2. avril Post author

      I was going to say that sounded like a Lesley comment then I saw she had replied!

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