Today we discovered a new walking path on the banks of the Loire opposite Chaumont. It was a crisp six degrees Celsius and very pleasant.

Aujourd’hui nous avons découvert un nouveau sentier sur les bords de la Loire en face de Chaumont. Il faisait six degrés et la promenade était très agréable.

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6 comments on “Chaumont in Winter – Chaumont en hiver

  1. Susan Walter

    I’ve developed a heel spur which is literally putting a cramp in my walking. There are some great views of Chaumont from this side of the river, aren’t there?

    1. avril Post author

      How annoying! I am having orthopedic inner sole problems at the moment. We’ve always walked on the other side but we were looking for some sun yesterday.

  2. Michael Summers

    We have been a few times though the gardens have not been great the last couple of times , and parking by the river its a long way up to the Chateau

    1. avril Post author

      I’m not that keen on the gardens but I love the chateau. You can park up the hill at the back of the chateau. It’s more convenient.

    1. avril Post author

      Isn’t it just?

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