Yoday I made hot-cross buns for Easter, a British tradition.

I am having a Covid-free weekend during which I am not reading, hearing or speaking about the coronavirus – just enjoying the glorious spring weather. We had our first outdoor barbecue of the year.

J’ai confectionné des brioches traditionnelles de Pâques aujourd’hui.

Je passe un week-end sans Covid pendant lequel je fais abstraction totale du coronavirus pour profiter d’un printemps exceptionnel. We avons fait le premier barbecue de l’année.

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2 comments on “Covid Confinement Day 26

  1. Helen Dobbin

    You are very wise to take a break from the news of the virus but I am very interested to follow your daily update.
    I was going to make hot cross buns this year but there is no flour or yeast on the supermarket shelves.

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