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The Acrobats' House – La maison des acrobats

The Acrobats’ House, one of the oldest in Blois, has two jettied upper storeys with brackets and corbelling carved with scenes and characters from mediaeval comic tales or fables.
Only half-timbered houses with very rich decoration can be dated. Here, the clothing of the figures on the façade is prior to 1480. This has been confirmed by dendrochonologic analysis (study of growth rings in timber) which shows that construction dates back to the 1470s, i.e. during the reign of Louis XI.
It’s currently selling for 312,000 euros, agency fees included, but requires renovation.
La maison des acrobates, l’une des plus vieilles bâtisses de la ville, se distingue par deux étages en encorbellement et par des consoles et avant-soliers sculptés de scènes et de personnages tirés des fabliaux ou fables du Moyen Age.
Seules les maisons à pans de bois qui présentent un décor suffisamment fourni peuvent être datées. Ici, les vêtements des personnages qui ornent la façade sont antérieurs à 1480. La datation par dendrochronologie (études des cernes du bois) l’a confirmé en identifiant une construction remontant aux années 1470, c’est-à-dire contemporaine du règne de Louis XI.
La maison est à vendre, au prix de 312.000 euros, frais d’agence inclus, mais avec des travaux à prévoir.

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4 replies on “The Acrobats' House – La maison des acrobats”

Une très belle maison, et de beaucoup interet historique. Peut-on avoir des gros plans de les sculptures ?
A really lovely house, and of great historical interest. Can we have some close-ups of the carvings?
BTW, in English one would say that the house has ‘jettied upper floors’ or just ‘is jettied’. Corbelled is not incorrect, but a broader term. Jetties are specific to this style of gaining extra floor area in towns where the land for the footprint was limited and expensive. It is literally using thin air to create more space.

Correction: Une très belle maison avec beaucoup d’intérêt historique. Peut-on avoir les gros plans des sculptures?
I’ll put up details of the sculptures in the next post. Thank you for the “jettied”. Do I replace “corbelling” with “jetties” as well?

No, corbelling is correct there, as the carved pieces put in the angle to support the floor above that you are specifically referring to are corbels.
Jettied floors like this are quite disconcerting when you walk on them. One of the things any prospective buyer should check is just how much spring there is in the floor at the front of the house. It can feel like you are standing on a diving board, especially if the jetty is ambitious.

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