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Flamboyant brick – Brique flamboyante

Built of brick and stone between 1498 and 1501, the Louis XII wing of Blois Castle is in the Gothic Flamboyant style combining elements of northern influence with ornaments of Italian origin.
Construite en brique et pierre entre 1498 et 1501, l’aile Louis XII du château de Blois est marquée par le style gothique flamboyant où se mêlent aux éléments d’influence nordique des ornements d’origine italienne.

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Louis XII apparently like to add wings as he also did so at Amboise. That’s a beautiful snap of the one in Blois. Love those bricks. I have yet to tour the inside of the château there but now my appetite is even more whetted.

Blois is a beautiful castle, both inside and out. Now that we have our Blésois passes, we can call in for 15 minutes if we want.

That’s great to have a pass. The last time I asked at Amboise they told me they don’t have them. Darn it. I would love to dash in from time to time and shoot down on the town and the river. Last year I bought a full price ticket so I could get snow photos.

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