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Risqué Chapel Windows – Vitraux de chapelle osés

photo_64_vitrauxI don’t know what to think of these stained glass windows in the royal chapelle at Blois Castle. The woman on the left looks demure enough although her bodice is somewhat revealing but it’ the one on the right that is surprising. She doesn’t look like chapel material to me!
Ces vitraux dans la chapelle royale du château de Blois me laissent rêveur. La femme à gauche semble plutôt modeste quoique son corsage est un peu osé mais c’est celle de droite qui m’étonne. On ne dirait pas un décor de chapelle !

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I think the woman on the left might be Radegonde. She’s wearing a crown. The one on the left might be Salome, hence the revealing garb to denote she’s a floozy. She is poking a severed head with her foot, which could be John the Baptist. The mystery is why she has a halo. I didn’t look very closely at this window when we were there — my prejudices showing — 19thC stained glass — pitooee.

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