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Snails at dinner – Escargots à la fin du dîner

We were just finishing dinner al fresco when I spied these enormous snails (the shell was about three fingers wide) among the weeds after the rain.
Nous étions à la fin de notre repas dans le jardin lorsque j’ai vu ces énormes escargots (la coquille mesurait environ trois doigts) parmi les mauvaises herbes après la pluie.

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@William – see Susan’s answer
@Olivia – welcome to Blois Daily Photo and thank you for commenting. Please see my answer to Stuart and Susan
@Stuart & Susan – I didn’t realise they were so rare because we have quite a few. Our previous owners used to collect them when they went out walking and kept them in a sort of vivarium – a garden bed – which we now grow flowers in . They used to eat them. My sister-in-law in Burgundy cooks them and the process is very slow and laborious as well as a little cruel because you have to starve them for a few days before killing and cooking them. I have to say that it put me off them. I figure I can have just bread with the garlic and parsley sauce!

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