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The Twin Water Towers – Le château d'eau jumelé

Remember yesterday’s photo? Well I was completely wrong when I said it was part of the old city walls. In fact it’s a water tower and I found this postcard of what it used to look like after a discussion with a local teacher. Photo courtesy of
Vous vous rappelez de la photo d’hier ? Eh bien je me suis trompé complètement lorsque j’ai dit que les tours faisaient partie de l’ancienne enceinte. A vrai dire c’est un château d’eau et j’ai trouvé cette vieille carte postale après une discussion avec un professeur blésois. (photo sur

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Aha! I thought it was in exceptional condition for a medieval structure, but it never occurred to me it was late 19th-early 20thC, I just thought someone had renovated well. Those sneaky turn of the century engineers, architects and town planners loved this sort of thing, and mostly do it extremely well. There’s a fabulous one in Bourges.

I have to say I felt a bit stupid when I learnt the truth but there are other bits of wall around it so I assumed it was part of the same thing! Could I publish your Bourges photo in LDP?

We don’t have a photo unfortunately. It’s at one end of a large carpark and we parked the other end. We just drove past and admired. It’s quite different to the Blois one, being made of brick, but in that same vein of disguised to look like something else.

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