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Spindly Trees – Arbres grêles

This photo was NOT taken today but the last time – many moons ago – that the sky was blue.
Cette photo n’a pas été prise aujourd’hui mais la dernière fois – il y a des lustres – que le ciel était bleu.

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This winter is not shaping up very well is it. I’ve already got cabin fever. Outside it’s grey, drizzling most of the time and thoroughly unappealing. Not cold enough to be beautiful, too cold to go out without being rugged up. Nothing to recommend it.

Susan, I absolutely agree. I work with my special “daylight” lamp every day and am getting practically no exercise. It’s not a good year to have moved in the winter AT ALL.

What a wonderful shot. I hesitate to tell you how nice the weather here is (Virginia). It is not the norm, so I expect it to change soon. Stay warm.

Thank you Stuart. I am very jealous of sun anywhere but I’m pleased to hear that you are enjoying the weather in Viriginia!

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