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CDP theme day – What would you miss? My house!

The theme this month on CIty Daily Photo is what would you miss if you had to leave the city you usually post from forever. Well, my answer is easy: Closerie Falaiseau, our Renaissance home built in 1584. Can you blame me? For other entries, click here.
Le thème de City Daily Photo ce mois-ci est qu’est-ce qui vous manquerait si vous deviez quitter pour toujours la ville où vous avez l’habitude de publier vos photos. Eh bien, ma réponse est facile : Closerie Falaiseau, notre maison Renaissance construite en 1584. Ca se comprend, non? Pour les autres entrées, cliquez ici.

17 replies on “CDP theme day – What would you miss? My house!”

@Thank you William. I truly love it!
@Tilburg – Thank you. And greetings.
@Mary Beth – Thank you. I’m glad you like it too.
@Carol Ann – From the left to the right: Pierre Ronsard roses, honeysuckle, wisteria and gamay grape vine. We have ivy at the back of the house though
@Helen – That’s why we love it so much!
@Red Pat – We hope we’ll never have to!
@J.H. – That’s what we think too!
@Susan & Kelly – Thank you!
@EG Camera Girl – We fell immediately in love with it!
@Vallodolid – Thank you!
@Gunn – We consider ourselves very lucky indeed.

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