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Election Billboards – Panneaux d'affichage électoral

The départemental elections were held in most of France today. France is divided in 101 administrative units called départements. These are the billboards in front of our voting bureau in Les Grouets in Blois.
Voici les panneaux d’affichage devant notre bureau de vote aux Grouets à Blois pour les élections départementales.

2 replies on “Election Billboards – Panneaux d'affichage électoral”

While one might complain over the election results here, but in my opinion France really has got the election process down right. No obscene fund raising, overwhelming TV and print ads, a run-off round two, and every candidate (at least) seems to have equal access… like these billboards. I can think of one country that could learn a lot from this system.

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