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The Hilltop Church – L'église en haut de la colline

I took this photo before going down the hill on our bike route because I certainly wasn’t going to stop on the way back. It is in the village of Rilly-sur-Loire between Chaumont and Amboise.
J’ai pris cette photo avant de descendre la pente sur notre circuit vélo parce que je savais que je n’allais surtout pas m’arrêter sur le retour. Elle se trouve à Rilly-sur-Loire entre Chaumont et Amboise.

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@Stuart – I use Photoshop to crop and occasionally change the lighting but although I did a course some years ago, I can’t remember how to blur things out! I guess I was lucky not having any cars!
@William – I tried to find information about it, to no avail. It looks 18th century to me.

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