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The Pyramidal Apple Tree – Le pommier pyramidal

Amazingly, the tree in the foreground is an apple tree! In the background is the beautiful magnolia below. Both are in the Orangery Garden at Château de Cheverny.
A notre grande surprise, l’arbre en premier plan est un pommier ! A l’arrière plan se trouve le beau magnolia ci-dessous. Les deux se trouvent dans le jardin de l’Orangerie au château de Cheverny.

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That might be so. It was not obvious when we saw them if they were crab apples (I guess that’s pommier sauvage?).

Pommier aigre. I don’t know how many gardeners here, but I would guess about 3, with a team of 6 apprentices every year. The picture is of the apprentices’ garden, so called because it was created when the Marquis created the apprenticeship scheme. There was a TV documentary made about it.

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