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Briare Canal Aqueduct – Pont-canal de Briare

This is the entrance to the canal aqueduct in Briare on the eastern end of the Loire Valley. The 662-metre long aqueduct, built by Gustave Eiffel in 1896, takes the canal over the Loire River. You can also walk or cycle across. The photo below was taken halfway across the aqueduct.
Voici l’entrée du pont-canal à Briare dans la partie est de la vallée de la Loire. Le pont-canal qui fait 662 mètres de long, construit par Gustave Eiffel en 1896, permet au canal de passer par-dessus la Loire. On peut également traverser à pied ou à vélo. On voit la Loire sur la droite. La photo suivante est prise à mi-chemin sur le pont-canal.

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You’ve wetted the appetite even more. I’ve not had a chance to read the link, as very busy with Anzac Day activities. I’m sure this will always be a dream, but nothings lost in dreaming.

In English I think this is a canal aqueduct. A canal bridge would be a bridge for foot or wheeled traffic over the canal. Canal aqueducts are tricky to construct so they were avoided as much as possible. The curve William points out is to allow boats to pass in opposite directions — a very rare addition to a canal aqueduct I think. They can be quite hair-raising to traverse in a boat — certainly weird anyway.

Thank you Susan, I’ve replaced all the bridges (particularly the one with the spelling mistake!) with aqueduct.

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