Early Morning Station – Gare de bonne heure

This morning I took the 6.56 am train from Blois de Paris, knowing that the temperature would go from 13°C on the platform to 30°C during the day!
Ce matin j’ai pris de train de 6h56 de Blois à Paris, en sachant que je passerais de 13°C sur le quai à 30° C dans la journée !

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@ Helen – 7 to 23°C isn’t bad! I didn’t realise it got that cold in Brisbane.
@ William – Well observed!
@ Stuart – it seems some 10-year records were beaten today. At 10 pm it’s still 23°C. When we left to go cycling this evening, it was still 32°C. But tomorrow it will be back to maximum 20°C. Sigh.

At Ipswich it is regularly around the zero and less. Always has the lowest minimum and then jumps to the highest max for the day. Selecting clothing for the day is a pain.

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