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Teacups on a Well – Tasses à thé sur un puits

It’s without doubt the most original decoration I’ve seen on a traditional Sologne well so far!
C’est sans doute le décor le plus original que j’ai vu sur un puits traditionnel solognot jusque-là !

8 replies on “Teacups on a Well – Tasses à thé sur un puits”

Thanks for the link. I enjoyed your cycle and the beautiful reflections of cloud and Chateau. I
can well understand your frustration with the nuclear plant. I’ll have to look out for the wells in October. We are visiting friends an hour south of Geneva.

It looks to me like there was a huge intake of air and it sucked the dishes right off the dining room table. Maybe this is the entrance to Wonderland, and they needed more tea service for Alice.

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