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The Comic Reader – La lectrice de BD

photo_172_comic_readerBlois holds a comic festival every year called BD Boum. This year it will take place on 20, 21 and 22 November. I took this photo of a work by François Bourgeon on the front of the Maison de la BD in rue des Jacobins when we happened to park in front of it. Millions of copies of Bourgeon’s albums have been sold. He’s particularly well-known for his heroines.
Blois est l’hôte d’un festival de bande dessinée tous les ans qui s’appelle BD Boom. Cette année il aura lieu le 20, 21 et 22 novembre. J’ai pris cette photo d’un dessin par François Bourgeon sur le devant de la Maison de la BD dans la rue des Jacobins lorsque nous nous sommes garés devant tout à fait par hasard. Les BD de Bourgeon sont vendues par millions. Il est surtout connu pour ses héroïnes.

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It’s also nice that she doesn’t have utterly ridiculous proportions, although she is clearly intended to be attractive. (I recently read a study of female comic book superheroes and it turns out they are unhelpful in terms of role models for women, because of their unachievable looks.)

@William – I agree. I’m not a great fan of comics in general, but I like the style of this one.
@Susan – I can imagine that a lot of women would have problems with inachievable looks.

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