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Orange Bolete – Bolet orangé

photo_318_bolet_orangeThis lovely specimen of the orange bolete (Leccinum aurantiacum) is perfectly edible. The typical tubes of boletes under the cap (as opposed to the gills of field mushrooms) can be clearly seen. These mushrooms can be found right through to December.
Ce beau spécimen de bolet orangé (Leccinum aurantiacum) est parfaitement comestible. Les tubes typiques des bolets sous le chapeau (par opposition aux lames des champignons de Paris) sont bien en évidence. On trouve ces champignons jusqu’en décembre.

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Such a perfect shot. Just loved the many varieties served to us by our friends in Hautville Lompnes [1 hour south Geneva] during our visit. Also wandering through the markets and being amazed at the boxes and boxes for sale.

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