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Postcard from Australia – Birds at Coff's Harbour

This kookaburra was sitting on the fence while we were having our coffee this morning in Coff’s Harbour while the galahs were at the feeder in the tree a little further down.
Ce kookaburra trônait sur la clôture ce matin pendant que nous prenions notre café ce matin à Coff’s Harbour pendant que les galahs se délectaient à la mangeoire dans l’arbre un peu plus loin.

4 replies on “Postcard from Australia – Birds at Coff's Harbour”

@Susan – Thank you, but I think I prefer kookaburra!
@William – Kookaburras have an amazing laugh, but this one was silent.
@Helen – They certainly are! I’m getting used to talking to everyone I meet again!

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