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Postcard from Australia – McLaren Vale and Barossa Vineyards

The mythical vineyards of McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley in South Australia produce some of the finest shiraz wines in the world but the continuing drought has scorched the countryside.
Les vignobles mythiques de McLaren Vale et la vallée de la Barossa en Australie méridionale sont à l’origine des meilleurs syrahs du monde mais la sécheresse persistante a complètement desséché la paysage.

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I wish our morning dog walk were on a bit of dry ground between the vines around our village. We both come back home filthy and wet at the moment.

@William – Like Canada, Australia is full of wide open spaces!
@Helen – No, they don’t, but no one seems too worried …
@Lesley – It’s hard to imagine the weather is different on the other side of the earth!

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