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Eurasian Jay – Geai des chênes

photo_70_blue_jayWhile we were away, we had a friend feed the birds at the front of the house but not at the back. On our return, we filled the feeder at the back and were surprised to see this Eurasian jay instead of the tits and nuthaches that used to come before we left.
Pendant notre absence, nous avons demandé à une amie de nourrir les oiseaux devant la maison mais pas dans le jardin derrière. A notre retour nous avons remis des graines dans la mangeoire arrière et étions surpris de voir ce geai des chênes à la place des mésanges et sitelles qui y venaient avant notre départ.

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Jays are fun, but they have attitude. It must be that chip on their shoulder about being a pink crow. We’ve had our first swallows. How about you? C&T in Amboise hadn’t when I saw them on Thursday. I’ve also got two swift (martinet noir) nest boxes to put up. If you would like to get involved in this project, contact me or Carolyn and we’ll send you the instructions. JM could easily knock up a nest box or two I’m sure.

@William – Yes, I love his colouring.
@Helen – We had seen him before but never on the feeder because of the tits. I also managed to sneak up without him seeing me.
@Susan – I like that description – they have attitude. We haven’t seen any swallows yet. JM says he will look after the swifts when he has more time on his hands!

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