Blois Windows

The Little Mullion Window – La petite fenêtre à meneaux

This cute little window is in the old part of Vienne, the neighbourhood of Blois that is on the opposite site of the Loire River from the castle.
Cette jolie petite fenêtre est dans la vieille partie de Vienne, le quartier de Blois qui se trouve de l’autre côte de la Loire en face du château.

4 replies on “The Little Mullion Window – La petite fenêtre à meneaux”

Yes I did enjoy my walk through that neighbourhood when I last visited Blois. There are some cute little sights as well as the view looking back at Blois itself.

@William – Yes, they are!
@Helen – Logic in a way because they are all perennialls
@Butcherbird – Yes, there are some very old houses on that side and I agree, it has a great view.

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