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CDP Theme Day – The Heady Smell of Lilac

smell_lilacNot everyone in the world has come close enough to a lilac bush to inhale its heady fragrance. Some people don’t like to have it in their home, it’s so strong. Wisteria, which blooms at much the same time is more delicate. I love both.
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Tout le monde n’a pas été assez près d’un lilas pour sentir son parfum enivrant. C’est tellement fort qu’il y a des personnes qui n’aiment pas en avoir dans leur maison. La glycine, qui fleurit en même temps, est beaucoup plus délicat. J’adore les deux.
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10 replies on “CDP Theme Day – The Heady Smell of Lilac”

I love to bring some branches into the house and fill the place with that wonderful scent! We won’t have it until about June here so it is nice to see the pics.

I am so getting into the way of life here. I actually parked on a round about while buying a couple of sprigs of muguet! I’ve not brought lilac in to the house -I thought it unlucky.

@Julie – Yes, it is. A former tenant planted it to our delight!
@William – Late May, early June! Such a short spring and summer over your way.
@Jim – Thank you
@Helen – Lilac time is very romantic, isn’t it?
@RedPat – I love the smell too.
@Stuart – Great minds …
@Lesley – Congrats for the muguet. I didn’t know it was supposed to be unlucky.
@Lauren – Yes, and it gets bigger every day!

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