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Rainy Roses – Roses sous la pluie

The roses, of course, are not holding up well to the rain! But, I can tell you that my new grass is growing like mad! That’s a persistent honeysuckle on the right, by the way.
Les roses, bien sûr, ne supportent pas bien la pluie mais je peux vous dire que ma nouvelle herbe s’éclate ! C’est un chèvrefeuille à feuilles persistantes à droite.

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I’ve never heard the French version of honeysuckle and can only think that it cannot be named after a billygoat. We only have one rose that has a lovely perfume and it has to compete with the honeysuckle.

@William – Apparently it’s not the right colour for Pierre Ronsard which are usually paler, but I love them!
@Butcherbird – Yes, we can thank our previous owners!
@Lesley – I had never thought about it. I had a look at its origin and it comes from caprifolia in Latin which has the same meaning of goat’s leaf. Words are fascinating things. We don’t have any roses with perfume but I’m working on it!
@Stuart – Thank you.

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