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Flash Flood – Inondation éclair

photo_101_flood_1These photos were all taken by my neighbour Alain Allouin. I was visiting Blois Castle with my son when our street Rue Basse des Grouëts was flooded. By the time I arrived home, the water was gone. Vineuil and other towns across the Loire have not been so lucky and some areas are still underwater. It has been raining for days on end. Schools are closed in our département and Château de Chambord is surrounded by water.
Ces photos étaient toutes prises par mon voisin Alain Allouin. Je visitais le château de Blois avec mon fils lorsque notre rue Basse des Grouëts fut inondée. Lorsque je suis rentrée tout était terminé. Vineuil et d’autres villes de l’autre côté de la Loire ont eu moins de chances et il y a des quartiers qui sont encore sous l’eau. Il pleut tous les jours depuis un moment. Les écoles sont fermées dans notre département et le château de Chambord est devenu une île.


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I’ve heard that the chateau of Chambord actually got water in on the ground floor. They were busy moving objects to safety. We’ve got clients on the weekend and tomorrow was to have been Villandry and Azay-le-Rideau, both of which are closed today. The poor guy wanted to propose at Villandry. We shall have to see what is possible tomorrow. Candé remains open but you have to access it by the exit gate as the entry is flooded. I rang the Vieille Auberge in Cour Cheverny and they were busy cleaning up after being flooded. She didn’t know when the restaurant would reopen but suggested I ring again today to check. I’ve never seen so much water in the Val de la Claise Tourangelle. Apparently the bridge at Chaumussay is closed (that’s two downstream from us). When we went to see it on Wednesday the water was almost to the church, so that’s like two streets away from the river.

Water can do so much damage and takes an age to dry, clean and repair. Some of the stone bridges are likely to have been compromised.

@William – Well, I hope when you get it that there isn’t too much of it!
@Susan – I have since heard that Max Vaucher is under water. What a business!
@Lesley – Yes, they are very worried about the stone bridges in Saint Aignan and Montrichard
@Helen – We have been so lucky.

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