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Ussé on the water – Ussé sur l'eau

photo_108_usse_waterWe did not expect to see so much water in front of Château d’Ussé. During the recent floods, the Indre River overflowed its banks into the sunflower fields behind. The Loire is on the other side of the line of trees in the background. We were not able to cycle along the Loire à Vélo bike path between Avoine et Ussé because it was underwater in several places. By the time we got to Ussé by car, it was pouring with rain.
Nous ne nous attendions pas de voir autant d’eau devant le château d’Ussé. Pendant les inondations récentes, l’Indre a débordé dans les champs de tournesols derrière. La Loire se trouve de l’autre côté de la ligne d’arbres dans le fond. Nous n’avions pas pu faire du vélo sur la piste cyclable entre Avoine et Ussé car elle était sous l’eau à plusieurs endroits. En arrivant en voiture à Ussé, il pleuvait des cordes.

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We were over in Berry at a picnic in Saint Valentin. Poured with rain there too several times throughout the afternoon. Luckily we had access to the salle des fetes and the picnic was indoors. Not too much standing water on the way there though and the rivers all within their banks (only just in one case).

We are trying to decide where to go on holiday at the end of the month and the prospects seem quite limited.

There are a lot of problems with the dykes. Many are weakened and people don’t seem to understand that they should be using them.

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