Loire River

Loire Fisherman – Pêcheur de Loire

photo_172_loire_fishermanJean MIchel’s favourite fishing spot on the Loire. I joined him for a breakfast of croissants and baguette at a decent hour! He’s catching white bait.
Le lieu de pêche préféré de Jean Michel sur la Loire. Je l’ai rejoint pour un petit déjeuner de croissants et baguette à une heure convenable ! Il prend de la friture.

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It’s certainly a lovely place to fish. I can see why he is prepared to get up at dawn to catch the first light. He usually catches enough for us to eat fresh at luncthtime but only whitebait.

I can understand why impressionism started in France. When I first arrived in Paris in September in 1975, I felt as though I had walked into an impressionist painting.
Whitebait is a collective term for the immature fry of fish, typically between 25 and 50 millimetres long. They are tender and edible, and highly appreciated in France where they are known as “friture” because they are deep fried. I’m not that keen but am happy to eat the smaller ones. Jean Michel grew up with them as both his father and grandfather fished. The entire fish is eaten including head, fins, bones, and guts.

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