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Cormorant Trees – Feuilles en cormorans

We were astonished to see so many cormorants in the trees as we were cycling along the Loire this evening between Blois and Cour-sur-Loire.
Nous étions étonnés de voir autant de cormorans dans les arbres ce soir lorsque nous faisions du vélo sur la Loire entre Blois et Cour-sur-Loire.

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They have probably started their autumn migration, so are gathering along the Loire, which is a major migration route. Certain fishermen will be getting uptight and preparing to illegally hunt them, the LPO and its allies will be getting prepared to disrupt any such activity and trying to educate people.

No, the half dozen pro fishermen on the river are all young and clued up about nature conservation. It’s certain members of the angling clubs, usually older, and under the impression that the best way to manage nature is to hunt it, and that they, as long term residents of the area and members of the angling clubs have an intrinsic understanding of nature and the right to do what they please. Plus anything that they perceive as interfering with their precious fishing needs to be dealt with.

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