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A Corner of Amboise – Un coin d'Amboise

photo_185_amboise_cornerThis is my regular once-a-month photo of Amboise where the Loire Connexion, a group of like-minded Anglophiles meets at Le Shaker on Ile d’Or with this stunning view. The 28°C temperature is most unusual for the beginning of September.
Voici ma photo mensuelle d’Amboise où la Loire Connexion, un groupe d’anglophiles sympathiques se retrouve au Shaker sur l’Ile d’Or en face de cette vue merveilleuse. La température de 28°C est très inhabituelle au début de septembre.

5 replies on “A Corner of Amboise – Un coin d'Amboise”

@William – Yes, very peaceful.
@Butcherbird86 – Look forward to seeing in 2018 during your bicycle trip!
@Helen – Thank you. I love that view.
@Lesley – Yes, we could do with a good downpour. I agree it would be better at night though.

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