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CDP Theme Day – Transitions

ldp_252_transitionThe subject of this month’s City Daily Photo theme day is transltions. I thought I would like to ask my readers what transitions they think I am illustrating here. For other entries click here.
Le sujet de la journée thème de City Daily Photo ce mois-ci est “transitions”. J’invite mes lecteurs à proposer les transitions illustrées ici. Pour d’autres posts sur le même thème cliquez ici.

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I agree with William — one of the transitions is from the river level to the top of the river cliffs, or even beyond. The transition could be from land to sky, with the trees on the skyline forming the bridge between the two. Then you might be thinking of architectural style transitions — maybe these houses represent the decades 1910s, 1920s and 1930s or something like that. And then there is the transition from autumn to winter represented by the bare trees with just a few stray leaves clinging on. Plus there is a transition from dark to light, deep shadow on the left to bright sunlight on the right.
Or you could be taking the approach of many modern artists and bunging any old photo up, then inventing the justification post facto.

Agree with William – the change in levels comes out so beautifully. I will add to that the changes in the nature of the buildings – maybe a student of architecture could say when / how those styles changed, and why. Me, I’ll just enjoy the nice picture!

Well I was thinking that it was the quality of the roofing tiles from top to bottom. Mind you I think that Susan may have a point about the post facto justification.
I regret to say that I’d do a still life, people or better yet The Dog ‘ Theme’

Hi everyone! I love all your suggestions! First, it really was taken yesterday. I try not to use my archives on City Daily Photo Theme Day if I can possibly help it..
My first idea was architectural transition, going from simple to more elaborate but when I went to comment on the photo, I started seeing the other transitions you have mentioned as well – except for Lesley’s tiles but I don’t have her wonderful imagination.
To answer Bill, the door on the right would definitely lead into a garage.

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