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Mulled Wine in Tours – Vin chaud à Tours

ldp_260_bike_goatHere’s another version of the Christmas stall – this time in Tours selling mulled wine. Obviously a local meeting place.
Voici une autre version du stand de noël, cette fois-ci à Tours où ils vendent du vin chaud ce qui semble bien attirer les gens du pays.

4 replies on “Mulled Wine in Tours – Vin chaud à Tours”

‘Heidi’ what a swell name for the stall. Spyri would be honoured, -rather than the much loved comedy show set in a holiday camp who’s name and catchphrase was ‘Hi-de-Hi’.

@William – I like the contrast between the bike and the goat.
@Lesley – I don’t know “Hi-de-Hi”!
@Bill – Particularly as this is the centre of the largest city in the region!

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