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Sunrise over the Loire – Lever de soleil sur Blois

I took this from the car as we drove into Blois this morning at about 8.20 am. The church is Saint Saturnin.
J’ai pris cette photo depuis la voiture ce matin lorsqu’on se rendait à Blois vers 8h20. C’est l’église Saint Saturnin.

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Thanks for coming to pick us up and being such welcoming hosts. I’ve unwrapped the foie gras mummy and divided it up for us and Antoinette and Niall. It seems softer and more moist than previous years, maybe because its a slightly bigger foie.

@William – it was our early morning rewarrd!
@Susan – You are very welcome – we don’t often see the sunrise in winter so it was a treat :). We were a bit worried that ours wouldn’t fit into our foie gras dish but we squished it down and it was perfect. We didn’t notice any difference in softness though. Jean Michel even though it was quite “résistant”.

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