The Touraine Knife Sharpener – Le rémouleur de Touraine

ldp_270_knife_sharpenerI’ve posted a photo of this knife grinder at Blois market before but his stall looked so much like an amateur stage set today that I couldn’t resist.
J’ai déjà posté une photo de ce rémouleur au marché de Blois déjà mais son stand faisait tellement décor de théâtre amateur aujourd’hui que je n’ai pas pu résister.

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One chap knocked on the door to offer his sharpening skills but we could not give any employment as we have a really good DIY thing suckered on the kitchen tiles next to the magnetic knife rack. I don’t think we could go a year plus between getting an edge. Your man has a very fancy folding up fronted shed/trailer.

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