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Italian Warmth in Winter – Chaleur italienne en hiver

15_chaleur_ditalieThis is a “traditional Italian restaurant” in Blois, near the cathedral, and the chef, I presume, is a graduate of the French Pizzaïolo School. It appears to be called Prodotti Freschi which means fresh products, a strange name for a restaurant. I haven’t tried it yet.
Voici un restaurant traditionnel italien à Blois, à côté de la cathédral. Le nom semble être Prodotti Freschi, ce qui veut dire des produits frais, nom étrange pour un restaurant. Je ne l’ai pas encore essayé.

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Maybe we could try it when I come up for the entomology conference? I love Italian food. I’ve been cooking it a lot lately (and learning a lot that I’d never really noticed about Italian food before).

@William – I think, after French food, it’s one of the best :).
@Helen – Yes, I love the mat too. Look for the review in February after Susan and I check it out!
@Susan – I thought of that but wasn’t sure if you liked Italian food. I also checked if it was open Saturday lunch time. It’s not an area we go to much so I hadn’t noticed it before. I love Italian food which we have tasted in many different areas of Italy.

I’ve just heard about a resto in Toulouse that is ‘ T’aimes ca le canard’ which does fast food like burgers using duck. Duck Me fast food is their logo! Too far to check out but it might help eat away the current duck mountain.

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