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Busy Beavers – Castors bucherons

We only ever see coypus in the Loire, but we know there are beavers as evidence by this tree. The second photo is taken from the other side.
Nous ne voyons que des ragondins dans la Loire mais nous savons qu’il y a des castors ; cet arbre en est bien le témoin. La deuxième photo est prise de l’autre côté.

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I do hope you get to see the beavers, or at least more evidence of them being there. There is estimated to be a population density of an average of 1 beaver per kilometre along the central section of the Loire. Of course, they live in family groups, so they aren’t strung out at 1 km intervals. I suppose it means that every 6-8km there is a beaver family.

From the close-up of the tree, does it still seem as though they have finished? Jean Michel thought the sawdust looked very fresh.
BTW, I don”t think a camera would last long. It would probably get taken.

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